Welcome, Friends!  This section was created by the Grail staff as a home for all the external resources we think might help you, a bra wearer and/or person inhabiting a body. 😛 Interested in digging deeper in pursuit of bra knowledge? Want to connect with other body-inclusive local businesses? We’re happy to share what we’ve found, and if you have an addition you’d like to see here, message and let us know about it!

Web Resources ~ Bras and Bra Fittings:

    • https://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/
    • The r/ABraThatFits Community on Reddit is truly the Holy Grail of bra knowledge online and a major inspiration for our existence. ABTF is hands-down the place to go if you’re trying to better understand the body side of the bra fit equation. Already an ABTF afficianado? That’s awesome! The Grail fitting team can provide info on the garment side of the equation to help you find your best match(es).
    • https://www.bratabase.com/
      Bratabase collects crowdsourced data on the sizing and fit characteristics of various bra styles. Wondering if a bra runs big or small, wide or narrow, tight or loose in the band? Bratabase may have an answer for you, and you can contribute by adding measurements from your own bras.
    • https://sophisticatednotion.com/
      One of Grail owner Carmen’s original mentors was Erica Windle, the former owner of bra boutique A Sophisticaed Pair in Greensboro, NC. Although Erica is not currently in the bra business, her blog- A Sophisticated Notion– is full of fantastic bra info, reviews, and personal content. Definitely worth a read.

Web Resources ~ Body Image and Embracing Body Diversity

    • https://vickerywellness.com
      Courtney Vickery is an Athens-based dietitian, intuitive eating counselor, food therapist, and body image coach. She provides a variety of courses and other services for non-local folks, and her site includes its own exhaustive resource list for everything from Health at Every Size to intuitive eating.
    • https://asdah.org/
      The Association for Size Diversity and Health is a non-profit organization that partners with service providers, educators, and advocates to dismantle weight-centered health policies and practices. ASDAH members reject the use of weight, size, or BMI as proxies for health and aim to address broad forces that support health, such as safe and affordable access.
    • https://centerforbodytrust.com/ 
      The Center for Body Trust (formerly Be Nourished) is dedicated to dismantling systemic weight stigma and providing education and support for healing relationships with our bodies. The center’s founders advocate for body acceptance and compassion by questioning our cultural notions linking food, body image, and weight concerns.

    • https://www.noweigh.org/
      NoWeigh.org contains resources for patients who are trying to navigate medical weight stigma and for professionals to learn more about the dangers of weight-centric medicine.
    • https://more-love.org/
      More-Love.org is devoted to combating child eating disorders and body hate. They’re the providers of the “Don’t Weigh Me” cards that we give out at Grail.

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