What size range do you carry?

We strive to stock options for bodies across the size spectrum. This currently includes band sizes 26 to 60 and AA to U.S. S-cups (U.K. M-cups). We have over 200 different sizes on the sales floor!

Additionally, we are able to order cup sizes up to U.S.-V through Polish brand Ewa Michalak.


What is your price range? Why do bras cost so much?

Our current bra styles range in price from $38 to $89. (Some styles available by special order may cost as much as $99.)

In every case, we charge the minimum standard retail price/ minimum advertised price set by the brands we carry. With the exception of discontinued products, online retailers are required to follow the same pricing guidelines. We try to strike a balance in terms of pricing accessibility while adhering to high quality standards. We will never sell you a product that we don’t believe will give you a good value for what you spend, and we want you to be as happy with your purchase months down the road as when you walk out of the shop.

There are three primary factors that influence bra pricing: design, materials, and labor. For a quick overview, you may wish to check out the following article.


Do you sell sports/ strapless/ nursing bras?

​Yes, all of the above! If you’re looking for something specific, contact us and we’ll tell you what have in that category.

I’ve never had a bra fitting before. What is involved?

​A typical fitting consists of a few steps. First, we take a couple of measurements to get a starting point for sizing. It is not necessary for you to completely disrobe, and we will ALWAYS work to your comfort level. Once we have an estimate of where we expect your sizing to fall, we’ll give you a bra to test for fit. Based on what works (or doesn’t) on this first pass, we’ll make adjustments. Once we’ve hammered out the initial fit, we’ll bring you an assortment of options to try based on what you tell us you’re looking for in a bra. You can get feedback from us on every style or none; we’re happy to help you fine-tune for the best possible fit, but we’ll also give you privacy if desired. We want to assist but never to impose. Just let us know your preferences.


Do you carry items other than bras?

Yes! Although bras are our focus, we carry an assortment of other undergarments and accessories:

  • Matching panties to complete your lingerie set, as well as basic panties

  • Bra care items like gentle detergent and wash bags

  • Accessories including nipple covers, strap cushions, band extenders, sweat-absorbent bra liners, racerback clips, silicone bra inserts, and skin-to-fabric tape

  • Adhesive bras and Booby Tape for a customizable solution to challenging fashion features like deep plunging necklines and backless garments

  • Shapewear

  • Swimwear; a small selection with other options available by special order

  • Traditional lingerie articles, including chemises, babydolls, bodysuits, robes, camisoles, garters & garter belts.

  • Bridal bustiers and corsets
  • Chest binders

  • Fashion bralettes

  • Some hosiery
  • A little bit of sleepwear

What brands do you carry?

​As an independent retailer, we have the privilege of picking and choosing styles from an assortment of different brands, basically building our inventory into a curated best-of-the-best selection. We carry product lines from North America, the UK, and continental Europe, and we add new styles and even new brands regularly. The most-represented brands in our inventory are as follows:

Elomi, Fantasie, Natori, Panache (includes Cleo and Sculptresse), Anita (includes Rosa Faia and Anita Active), Wacoal, Fit Fully Yours, Goddess, Freya, Curvy Couture, Parfait, Montelle, Skarlett Blue, Evelyn & Bobbie, Ulla Popken, Lady Emprezz, as well as Polish brands Ewa Michalak, Nessa, Ewa Bien and Corin.

We’re sometimes asked whether we carry brands like Prima Donna, Empreinte, and Simone Perele with retail price points starting at $125+. Although we do not currently, it is a possibility for the future based on demand. If you favor these brands, we would encourage you to check out some of the styles offered by Fit Fully Yours, Panache, or our Polish brands. We may also be able to help you coordinate a purchase through another small business boutique.

Do you make your own bras? Are you able to do alterations?

​As explained above, we do not personally fabricate our bras but rather act as navigators to help guide our customers to a variety of options from existing styles on hand. There’s no waiting for a garment to be assembled; you leave with what you like. For the vast majority of individuals, there are great choices available as-is, but occasional situations might require a custom solution, such as strap length adjustments or cup modifications for significant asymmetry. In those cases, we have an experienced seamstress that we can direct you to for alterations.


Do you sell post-mastectomy bras and breast prosthesis?

Although we have the ability to order these products, we do not have the experience in this area to feel like we’d be providing optimal care for the client, nor are we set up for insurance billing. For post-mastectomy needs, we strongly encourage you to contact the wonderful Mary Lou’s Garden in Watkinsville.

What is your return policy?

​We strongly encourage all customers to try on their garments and take as much time as necessary to feel confident in their choices before making a purchase.

Merchandise returned within 14 days of in-store purchase will gladly be accepted for exchange or store credit only, so long as the return meets the following requirements:

  • All items MUST be returned in their original condition- unused, unworn, unwashed, and unaltered- with all tags attached and packaging intact. Items with signs of wear or that have been soiled, washed, or personally damaged will not be accepted.
  • All returns must be accompanied by an original receipt or gift receipt.
  • Due to the personal nature of our merchandise, we cannot accept any returns on panties, swimwear bottoms, shapewear bottoms, or other items with a crotch.
  • Clearance items are final sale.
  • Special Orders: Unless otherwise specified on your order form at the time of purchase, special orders of styles or colors that we do not ordinarily stock will be treated as final sale items. If you need to change or cancel your special order, notify us as soon as possible. We have the most ability to accommodate changes to your order before we submit it for processing.


Can I special-order an item from you?

​Yes, absolutely! We frequently do special orders for things like alternate colors of styles we stock, since we don’t have the space to keep every variant on hand. Ordering styles we don’t usually carry is trickier, given that it’s hard to be confident of the fit. Talk to us about what you need, though, and we’ll see what we can work out. All special orders are placed with a 50% deposit.


Do you have an online store?

​We do not operate an e-commerce site, and we have no plans to expand into that arena. Any time someone purchases a bra online, wherever from, they face the same problem: you cannot know how a bra will fit without trying it on. It is extremely common to have to go up or down a band and/or cup size when you switch between bra styles. Sizing aside, bodies also come in a variety of shapes, and certain styles will just never fully fit or flatter certain individuals. The whole thing can be a messy trial-and-error process, and attempting to do it remotely, sight unseen, is a recipe for frustration and wasted resources. We want our customers to come to us, try before they buy, and leave satisfied and confident.

All of that said, we would be happy to special order something for you, whether a duplicate of a previously purchased bra or something else you tried in the store. We can even ship if necessary. Call or email, and tell us what you’d like!


Do you sell gift cards?

Absolutely! Gift cards may be purchased in any amount, do not expire, and are refillable. If it’s most convenient for you, we can even handle the transaction over the phone or via PayPal, and we will mail you the card or hold it at the shop for its recipient when they come in for their fitting.

Do you host events or large group appointments?

​Certainly! Call us or shoot us an email, and let us know what you have in mind!


Can you assist me with a fitting issue remotely?

Given the nature of bra fitting, an in-person assessment is likely to be much more efficient and informative. However, we do offer mobile no-contact fittings to accommodate the challenges of  Covid-19. If this is a service you’re interested in, reach out to us for a preliminary questionnaire to help us gauge your needs. Additionally, if we’ve seen you as a customer previously, we may be able to provide some guidance via phone or email. If you are not local to us, we can try to refer you to someone in your area who provides fitting services.


Do your bras ever go on sale?

Unlike large corporate retailers, most of our funds go straight into overhead and keeping Grail in business. We very rarely offer sales in the traditional sense; however, all in-store shoppers receive a Grail Client Club rewards program punchcard, which earns you store credit towards future purchases. On very special occasions, Grail may extend an exclusive offer or run a limited promotion. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list if you’d like the inside scoop on these special offers. Additionally, public school teachers and staff receive a 10% discount on every (non-gift card) purchase, every day.

Lastly, check out our clearance section, where everything is marked down at least 30% – 50%. Many large retailers, especially online retailers, have a sneaky habit of packaging their clearance items as a “sale.”


Are you LGBTQ-friendly?

Of course. Respect for all bodies means ALL bodies. We stock chest binders from trans-owned Dutch company Danae Trans-Missie, and our diversity of bra styles and sizes is selected to be inclusive of all women, including trans women.