What Happens During a Fitting?
Intimidated by the idea of a bra fitting? Learn more about what's involved and why it's probably less awkward than you think.
July 23, 2022
The interior of one of Grail's fitting rooms

     If you’ve never had a bra fitting before and find the thought anxiety-inducing, worry not. 🙂 At Grail, we respect your personal boundaries and work within your comfort zone… plus, the whole process is a lot less invasive than you might imagine.

To get a starting point for bra sizing, we take measurements of your underbust and across the widest part of the chest. Undressing is not required! We may suggest that you remove garments that add bulk to your frame, but the choice is yours. While measurements narrow down the size range, the real fitting process comes from trying bras on. Next, your fitter will take those measurements and decide on a “test fit” bra to bring you. This bra may or may not suit your personal preferences and may or may not fit as we’d intend, but that’s the point; we’re trying to fill in a few more details about your body shape and whether the measurements are telling an accurate story. Not everyone carries their breast volume in the same place, so those measurements sometimes under-represent your optimal cup sizing. Being able to visually asses this test bra on your body is extremely helpful for us in the fitting process, but we will never insist on seeing you in any state of undress. If you would rather not show us the bra fit, we’ll respect your choice and instead ask you some follow-up questions about what the bra is doing and how it feels.

Once we’ve got this preliminary information to work with, we’ll bring you a selection of different bras to try based on what you tell us about your likes and dislikes. Your fitter will continue to assist as you try bras, to whatever extent you’d like their input. We’ll give feedback on the fit and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Of course, our whole goal is to be resource for our clients, and we’ll tailor any part of this process to your individual needs and comfort level. If you’d like the forgo this whole fitting process and just pick out & try bras on for yourself, you are also welcome to do so. Just let us know what works best for you!

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