Bra Problem #2: Wire-Free Strapless
"Is there a way to make a wireless strapless bra that stays up?"
August 1, 2022

Bra Problem #2: “Is there a way to make a wireless strapless bra that stays up?”

     It would be tricky but not necessarily impossible. Most strapless bras are super-structured, with very firm foam-molded cups. All foam-molded bras are kind of shape-specific; that is, the material can’t adapt to hug your contours. You just fill out the bra shape with a better or worse result depending on how that lines up with your actual body shape. Add in how tight the band needs to be in order to stay up, and most people aren’t crazy about strapless bras as a category. Honestly, as a fitter, I’m not wild about them either because finding a good shape match can be a real challenge.

     In any case, I’ve seen a few wirefree strapless bras, mostly “bandeau” styles, and they probably work okay for smaller busts. However, if you need real support, lift, or shaping, you’re probably going to be disappointed. (Wireless bras in general do far less shaping than underwired bras. They tend to let your breast tissue fall however it does naturally, often more to the sides.) With the right structure and sufficiently firm material, I think it would be *possible* to design a wire-free strapless bra that could actually go the distance, but none of the products currently on the market have met my admittedly high standards.

     In the meantime, I’d recommend an adhesive option. I’m a big fan of Booby Tape (or other brands of breast tape) because it’s inexpensive, versatile, and completely customizable. You basically build a structure out of tape strips, and the result can actually provide lift, unlike traditional adhesive options, and it’s 100% tailored to your unique body shape.

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