Inventory Then and Now: 2019 to 2023
Oh, how our style options have grown in 4 years!
March 22, 2023
Before and after photos of the Grail boutique sales floor

If I could go back to Grail’s beginnings and give myself one piece of advice, it would be “You need to stock more bra selections than you think. More than that. YES, EVEN MORE.” πŸ˜‚ When you’re a bra fitter, your knowledge is only as good as your ability to match your customer’s needs to an actual bra style. I’m grateful that we made it through our earliest days in business, when our tools were far more limited, and that we have been able to successfully build a MUCH more robust inventory that is far better suited to meet the extremely diverse needs of our client base. How much have things changed? I decided to comb through our inventory system for data, and the results are really telling.

Total number of bra styles on opening day: 37 styles VERSUSΒ Total number of bra styles today: 253 styles and growing!

Bra brands we carry: 8 brands β†’ 33 brands (not including separate collections from the same brand, like Panache/ Sculptresse /Cleo or Anita/ Rosa Faia.)

Smallest band size stocked: 30 β†’ 26

Largest band size stocked: 46 β†’ 60

Largest cup size stocked: M β†’ S

Bras with band sizes going up to at least a 46: 3 styles β†’ 59 styles

Bras with cup sizes going up to at least a US K-cup/ UK H-cup: 4 styles β†’ 66 styles

Wireless bras (not including sports bras or nursing bras): 5 styles β†’ 40 styles

Sports bras: 6 styles β†’ 20 styles

Strapless bras: 3 styles β†’ 9 styles

Molded T-shirt bras (underwired): 5 styles β†’ 31 styles

Nursing bras: 2 styles β†’ 14 styles

Front closure bras: None β†’ 13 styles

Panty styles: 3 styles β†’ 120 styles

Other categories added since 2019 β†’ Shapewear, swimwear, classic lingerie pieces, and a ton of miscellaneous accessories

Being an independent boutique means that we’re not limited to carrying corporate “house” brands, and we can continually fine-tune our inventory into a curated best-of-the-best selection from a wide range of designers and suppliers. We’re also always listening to what our clients tell us they want in a bra. If there’s a niche we haven’t covered, we’ll turn over every stone looking for an ideal solution, across the international landscape of lingerie brands. We’re also prone to add new products from time to time simply because they’re fun and caught our eye. πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t been in for a while, or didn’t find quite what you were hoping for on your last visit, we’d love to show you what’s new!

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