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So, where do all those bras come from anyway?
May 4, 2023
Map of bra brands and their home countries

What happens when none of the options on the U.S. market are able to meet your niche bra needs? It’s time to look at international lingerie! There is literally a whole world of bras out there. Although American undergarments are diversifying, parts of Europe have been embracing inclusive sizing for decades. Grail works with brands based all over the world in order to stock the widest possible assortment of bra sizes, shapes, aesthetics, and material construction. As you can see on the map of our suppliers’ home countries above, after the U.S., our next most represented regions are the UK and Poland.

A map of countries involved in bra production would look somewhat different, although there is overlap. One of the great things about Polish bras, for instance, is that all manufacturing is done in-house and in Poland. The global lingerie supply chain is pretty complex, though, and deserves its own dedicated post.

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